Johnn Mark


You have links to some of my social media accounts down in the footer. Wait, wait, you’re gonna have to right-click on the link and open in a new tab, cause WordPress won’t let me make that default and I can’t afford Wix.

If for whatever reason you’d like to tell or ask me anything, my email address is You can tell me how much you like the website, but be aware that I have taken an oath of humility and I am not allowed to read words of praise about myself so my imaginary secretary will be mediating the discussion. Thank you for your understanding.

Otherwise, I check my emails constantly and I am happy to do business with any respectable human [or any extraterrestrial being, provided they speak English (or Romanian) (especially famous Hollywood producers. Please)].

You can also see more about my film preferences on my Letterboxd profile.

I have an Instagram for pictures. Check them out before I change my mind and delete them.

Ah, and, my legal name is Ioan Nedelcu (long story).