Johnn Mark

Johnn Mark


Welcome to my personal website. Unless it’s 2025 and I’m already famous, you’ve probably found the link to this place on one of my social media accounts and you want to know more about me. Or you just wanted to laugh at how embarrassing my site is, which is naughty indeed. Well, bad luck, it’s a cool-looking website. It’s got information about who I am and what I do, two blog pages with all sorts of interesting articles, a contact page to see how you can get in touch with me, and even my own list of movie suggestions in case you want to catch up with me on film culture (unless you’re already ahead of me, in which case I do indeed graciously apologize). Please find the menu, above the gorgeous header pictures which are all my property. Yours, too sincerely, Johnn Mark.

That on the left is my logo. It spells JohnnMark if you don’t have your glasses. The one on the right is just a picture of me.

The very latest usually in the News section.

My new film production company, Blue Forest Boulevard.

There is also my photography website HERE.