Johnn Mark


The latest on the development of my career.

[October 2023]
My film production company, Blue Forest Boulevard, officially launched. More at BLUEFORESTBOULEVARD.COM

[September 2023]
Award Winner at European Photography Awards 2023 and Diamond Award at Wallachia Int’l Film Festival 2023 for a few photography projects. Details on my Instagram.

[September 2023]
6:45. February (2023) wins GOLD Award in the Best Short Film category at Wallachia Int’l Film Festival 2023.

[September 2023]
Kamikaze (2023) wins SILVER Award at Wallachia Int’l Film Festival 2023.

[May 2023]
6:45. February, my 14-minute short film, is officially done and ready for festivals.

[April 2023]
The trailer for Kamikaze (2023) is on this link:

[April 2023]
Kamikaze is done and ready for festivals.

[November 2022]
Both Kamikaze and 6:45. February are deep into postproduction.

[August 2022]
Almost wrapping production for Kamikaze, my most recent short film. 6:45. February, my previous short is almost out of postproduction. I looks like it’s going to be a very rewarding Fall.

[July 2022]
I’m currently filming a short film which will hopefully be ready by the end of summer. I did quite a bit of acting and I wrote a few more shorts over the past months.

[April 2022]
I got involved in two pretty important projects. One for a short I wrote and is about to be produced, and another as director for a pretty big and exciting project I cannot say more about. Things are looking up.

[March 2022]
I finished filming 6:45. February, except for a few B-roll shots. We have recorded some of the post-sync dialogue and are hoping wrap-up sound production before the end of April.

[February 2022]
Principal photography for my first independent short film, 6:45. February, began mid-month and is expected to carry on through March because of some technical difficulties. I have already made a preliminary cut with the footage I have and started work on sound design by recording part of the necessary samples.

[February 1st, 2022]
In January, I started a part-time film course in Bucharest. It’s mostly acting, not much directing and photography, but I’m there to build relationships.
I suspended the making of Betty Wants to Go to the Concert indefinitely for the time being because I could not find a fitting actress for the main role. I have begun pre-production for a shorter, less demanding film which I hope to finish within the month.

[January 14th, 2022]
My latest feature screenplay, The Housefly, gets very positive review from the BlueCat Screenwriting Competition. Results pending for next month but I don’t expect any notable outcome especially since I decided not to resubmit. Much like in the case of Orchid Sea, in 2020, when it was reviewed by the Save the Cat! Competition, the changes I am willing to make to the screenplay in order to fit the competition’s preferences in terms of tone and expositional technique are not significant enough to justify the payment of the $50 they ask for.

[October 4th, 2021]
I got a Canon A1. I guess this is news because it means I’m committing more to film photography. I really started to feel the limitations of the Zenit 11 lately, so I spent a little money for better results. I think photography is very relevant for a filmmaker anyway, so I don’t think I can overdo it.

[September 12th, 2021]
I launched my Instagram page for photography. I post artsy high-end digital and film pictures.

[September 4th, 2021]
Hillside Fantasy and Orchid Sea make top 18% out of 3000+ in Finish Line Script Competition and get honorable mention. I am surprised that Orchid Sea got recognized at all considering it’s a very deeply philosophical drama, so that’s a positive. But with regards to Hillside Fantasy I am very disappointed and I believe it should have ranked higher.

[July 12th, 2021]
Hillside Fantasy gets a badge. Mediocre overall, but a decent start. It’s only the second competition I entered it in. Three more yet to publish results.